History of East End Elementary School

The history of East End Elementary School began in late 1940's. The parents on the east side of the railroad tracks that run directly through our city, decided there were enough children to form a new school. Previously, they had been sending their children across the tracks to Northside and felt it was dangerous for the young children to cross the tracks.. 

Five parents (R. Carl Byars, Roy McCall, A.P. Fant, John Hopkins, and Hugh Hamilton) decided that a school was needed. They shared their concern and their proposal with the Board of Trustees. At the request of the Board of Trustees, the wives of these five men conducted a survey in the neighborhood, pushing strollers with their own children conducting a door to door survey of all families in this east area of Easley neighborhood. This process indicated a large number of children. in the area, and the Board of Trustees agreed the need did exist for a new school to serve this community. They set out to find a suitable piece of land for the school building. The location they selected belonged to A.G. Wyatt Estate.

East End School opened its doors in 1950 under the leadership of Miss Marilyn Kelly as principal. During the first few years, attendance grew so fast that a new wing, with the addition of fifth and sixth grades, was added.

Since then there have been six more principals here at East End. They were in ascending order; Mr. William Hughes, B.B. McKelvey, Don Batson, Mrs. Sandra Bandy, Mrs. Rebecca Hyatt, and currently serving as principal, Mrs. Tammy Day. Mrs. Day was a student at East End while Mr. B. B McKelvey and Mr. Don Batson served as principals.