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School Supply List
4th Grade Bulldog Buddies Needed For 2019-2020
5th Grade Bulldog Safety Patrols Needed for 2019-2020
BB and Batson's Summer Reading Program
Batson and BB's Summer Math Program

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East End open our doors for the 2019-2020 school year on Tuesday, August 20th for students in 5K - 5th grade.  Meet the Teacher will be held on Tuesday, August 13th from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

School Supply List:



    Regular sized backpack

    2 boxes 24 Count Crayola Crayons

    Student scissors

    8-10 glue sticks

    1 pack #2 pencils

    1 pack washable markers

    1 box of tissues

    Change of clothes (to be left at school)


    Wish List

    Clorox wipes

    Various sizes zip-lock bags


    Colored pencils

    Notebook paper

    Copy paper

    Fun Bandaids



    1-inch Clearview 3-ring binder

    Four 1-subject spiral bound notebooks


    10 gluesticks (preferably jumbo)

    2 packs of crayons (preferably Crayola)

    1 pack of colored pencils

    3-ring see-through pencil pouch

    2 boxes of tissues

    1 container of Clorox Wipes

     Ziploc bags (assorted sizes)

    1 box of pencils


    First Grade

    1 - One inch 3 ring binder with clear view pockets

    5 spiral notebooks (70 page wide ruled) red, yellow, green, blue, purple

    Crayons – 24 pack

    Glue sticks – 10 total

    Yellow Paper Mate Pencils

    Cap erasers

    Zipper Pouch

    Headphones (inexpensive ones)


    Dry Erase Markers


    Second Grade

    1 pack of addition and subtraction flash cards

    1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper

    1 pack of 10 Ticonderoga pencils

    Cap Erasers

    Pack of 24 crayons

    10 Glue Sticks


    Pencil Pouch

    6 hard back composition notebooks (Non-Spiral)

    Earbuds or Headphones


    Dry Erase Markers

    A Pack of Sheet Protectors (10 or more)

    1 Folder with pockets


    Wish List


    Post it notes Various Sizes

    Ziploc Bags Various Sizes

    Clorox Wipes

    Hand Sanitizer


    Third Grade

    1 book bag (non rolling)

    3 ring binder ( 1 ½ to 2”)

    Pencils and erasers

    Notebook paper (loose-leaf)

    Colored pencils or crayons

    8 single subject spiral notebooks

    2 pocket folders

    Pencil box

    Ruler with cm and inches

    10 Glue sticks


    Multiplication flash cards

     Headphones for the computers

    Pack of sheet protectors    Suggested but not required


    Fourth Grade

    3-ring binder (half-inch or other small size)

    loose-leaf white notebook paper 

    book bag –non-rolling

    Six composition notebooks

    (1-subject size; either “tape” or “spiral”)


    colored pencils and crayons

    glue stick or bottle of glue

    dry erase marker


    pens (colored)


    pencil pouch

    one pack of sheet protectors

    headphones or earbuds for use with Chrome Books

    Wish List

    Clorox wipes (any brand)  

    Kleenex (any brand)

    Post-it sticky notes (any brand)      

    Ziploc bags (any brand)

    Hand sanitizer

    Index cards

    Dry erase markers (thick or thin)



    Fifth Grade

    Four 1-subject spiral bound notebook

    1-folder with pockets and brads

    Notebook paper (wide-ruled)


    Blue or black pen

    Crayons OR markers OR colored pencils

    1 pair of scissors

    2 glue sticks

    1 small school box or pencil pouch

    Wish List

    Dry erase markers

    Copy paper


    Post-it notes

    Sheet protectors


    Clorox Wipes