Batson and BB Summer Math Program
Posted on 06/08/2018
Batson and BB's Summer Math Program

Summer Math 2018 Batson and BB's Summer Math.pdf

We hope to keep the math skills of all our EEE students “sharp and ready” for the 2018-2019 school year.   Every child who practices math for at least  20 minutes for 20 days over the summer (this brochure has 44 spaces for the summer math practice) will receive a special treat , medal recognition, and extra recess from Mrs. Day. The student who practices the most in each grade level will receive  a special recognition  when school starts back.   The practice can be on any of the websites that are included on   enrichment websites such as those noted below, or by using basic facts cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division (which are available at the local discount stores such as the Dollar Tree) or any other math practice that the parent chooses to use.  Sample websites  for practice  include:

BB and Batson want to award the students that practice their math this summer. 

· Each student who practices at least 20 different days for a minimum of 20 minutes each day  and returns this math log will receive a special treat and extra recess with Mrs. Day.

· The top person in each grade level will have an award and special recognition.

· Logs are due back to Mrs. Day by  August 31st.

Practice over the summer will keep enrich the math skills of all our students. We hope all students will participate! 

Logs are due to Mrs. Day by August 31st.   Winners will be announced after Labor Day.