School Improvement Council Election

School Improvement Council Nominations
Posted on 10/30/2020
School Improvement Council

School Improvement Council ballot 2020-2021.pdfSchool Improvement Council Nomination Ballot Pic November 2020.JPGEach year schools across South Carolina hold an election for the School Improvement Council at the school. While there are other booster organizations in each school, such as our PTO-Leadership Team, the SIC is a group that is mandated by legislation to offer support, advice, and input to the school administration and instructional team about our work in ensuring that we are offering the best program possible for our students. Our SIC will meet on Friday mornings at 8:15 on the last school Friday of each month. If you are interested in serving or know of someone who might be interested, please let us know. We need you! It is time to elect at least two new parent representatives to join the SIC. We need you!

We have some amazing members who have moved to middle school with their children. So, we need to elect new members to serve in their place. Our roster of parents for 2019-2020 included:


Rick Bailey

Sam Blackson

Artis Buford

Deidre Guarino

Whitney Harbin

Merry Lebo

D. Shannon McKinney, Chairperson

Becki Owens

Dianne Sentell

Tim Tate


Mrs. Blackson, Mrs. Guarino, Ms. Harbin, Mrs. Owens, and Rev. Tate are no longer parents at East End. We need to elect members to serve in their place. Please nominate parents, guardians, grandparents or community members to serve. We’ll send a Google Doc for you to vote. Our meetings will either be via Webex or socially distanced this year, as procedures allow. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with the EEE SIC. Please share your nominations by Friday, November 6th. Elections will take place via Google Doc shared with all East End through November 10th. In advance, thanks for your nominations. Please send your nominations to or return this ballot by your child to the EEE Office by Friday, November 6th. You can nominate yourself or another parent you feel will be a great representative for our SIC. We hope you will consider joining us! It is a great way to support our school and also give input about what we do! (Parents, grandparents, guardians and community members are all welcome to be a part of our School Improvement Council!)






Copies of the ballot will be linked on the East End website and also available in the East End front office.