School Pictures Made Sept. 13th and 14th

School Pictures Made September 13th and 14th
Posted on 09/08/2018
School Pictures Made September 13th and 14th

School pictures will be made on Thursday, September 13th and Friday, September 14th at East End.   These are the pictures that will be included in our school's annual in the spring.   Parents will receive a proof package the following week to choose a picture package, if you would like to purchase them.    A make-up picture day will be scheduled with our photographer for students who miss having their picture made next week.  There is also some make-up time on September 14th for anyone who misses having their picture made on September 13th.  The schedule is noted and attached below. 

The homerooms that will have their pictures made on September 13th are Mrs. McKenzie's 2nd grade class, Mrs. Moore's 1st grade class, Mrs. Leisten's 1st grade class, Ms. Pitt's class, Ms. Stanifer's 3rd grade class, Mrs. Hunter's 3rd grade class, Mr. Lively's 5th grade class, Ms. Welborn's 5th grade class, Mrs. April Holliday's 5K class, Mrs. Park's 5K class, Mrs. Bowers' 4K AM and PM classes, Mrs. Garner's 2nd grade class, Mrs. Pace's 4th grade class, Mrs. Simmons' 1st grade class, and Mrs. Christopher's 4th grade class.

The homerooms that will have their pictures made on September 14th are Mrs. Nix's 2nd grade class, Mrs. Cooper's 1st grade class, Ms. Garten's 1st grade class, Mrs. Gardo's 5K class, Mrs. Sarah Norris' 3rd grade class, Mrs. Lauren Norris' 3rd grade class, Ms. Townsend's 5th grade class, Mrs. Spitzmiller's 5th grade class, Mrs. Gerhardt's 5K class, Mrs. Ellison's 2nd grade class, Ms. Dove's 2nd grade class, Mrs. Paige Holliday's 4th grade class, and Ms. Page's 4th grade class.